"Unique footsteps" - Claudia Bläsi in Vietnam (2014)

series of 18 artwork. Mixed Media, acrylic on canvas (2014). (Following paintings 1-9, paintings 10-18 see this website"german site")
Created in Hue / Vietnam in November / December 2014 during my stay in NSAF www.newspacearts.com
eiffel tower, 55x55cm
sunglasses, 55x55cm
chanting voice in pagoda, 55x55cm
Mr., 55x55cm
Mrs., 55x55cm
sportsmen, 55x55cm
decor, 55x55cm
diary, 55x55cm
twinkle, 55x55cm
Claudia Bläsi / Le brothers Le Ngoc Thanh Le Duc Hai
Thuan Yen Le / lovely friend and assistant (showing article in newspaper)