Bildende Künstlerin & Visual Artist 

Atelier: Westerholzstrasse 11 - 81245 München/GERMANY
E-Mail: info@claudia-blaesi.deMobil: +49 (0) 172 8913463


ART Icons Hong Kong Series

I have been traveling to Hong Kong since the 90s. The first encounter was as a young traveler with a backpack. I really felt in love with this city. Lively, full of contrasts and contradictions. Colorful, interesting, surprising and mysterious. As well exhausting and demanding. For an artist a real source of inspiration. Finding different pictures and facets that line up. Whether they fit or not. It is chaotic but at same time charming.  I find that fascinating. Multitasking. It's exciting and never stops pulsing. I think this metropolis has a certain sexiness. I want to capture all these feelings and observations in my Hong Kong series. It's a never ending story.

In 2014, I had a wonderful solo exhibition in Gallery Article ("love letter - Claudia Bläsi in Hong Kong"). In 2018 and 2019 I participated in fairs during Art Basel Week. My friendship with Hong Kong is ongoing.

Finally I mix randomly founded different print media like newspaper, advertising, posters, packagings, tickets and parts of own photographs of scenes of every da,  in order to integrate them on oil painting, building and creating a new artwork. A new story.  A totally new context. Completely detached and individual. Enjoy it!

Icons@Hong Kong 2019

Icons@Hong Kong 2018