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"In the framework of the St. Petersburg Art Residency program What does it feel like to place yourself into a completely new, unfamiliar urban space? How can you map your closest surrounding without understanding the language? Does it create an impassable distance or, quite the opposite — an intimate sensual connection? Claudia Bläsi, (...) dedicated her residency at SPAR to researching these questions. She attempted to see the urban environment from a perspective of a child, liberating herself from previous knowledge, cultural stereotypes and the meaning load. The whirl of inscriptions, images and visual signs that the artist carefully collected as she moved through the city (...). Papers from our everyday surrounding — magazines, advertisements, tickets, menu cards, book pages — are transferred on the surface of expressive abstract paintings using a special manual printing technique (...). The "Urban Diaries" of Claudia Bläsi show work-in- progress and life-in- progress. Each page is a vivid, bright canvas, that tells a pure dadaist narrative and turns into a real puzzle for the viewer, who becomes a detective, an archeologist, and a coauthor (..) ." (Anastasia Patsey, curater, Art-centre "Pushkinskaya-10")

Bildende Künstlerin & Visual Artist 

Atelier: Westerholzstrasse 11 - 81245 München/GERMANY
E-Mail: info@claudia-blaesi.deMobil: +49 (0) 172 8913463