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... in process ...
about Claudia Bläsi

The artist is in constant dialogue with colour, which in turn is treated as an autonomous object.

Explosive tubes, in itself in motion, sometimes compacting, sometimes starting out are appearing.

Forms and colors play a game of confusion between foreground and background, between rest and movement.

Abstract compositions of deep space and expressive, - almost lyrical mood  - arise.

Space- and depth effects are central aspects of her artistic concept.

The detection of an autonomous process of perception in its whole entirety is aimed at. 

Claudia's inexhaustible source is life itself. The creation, the pulsing in the deepest part of inside. Similar to nature, her works reflects processes concerning the shaping: growth and change, emergence and decay.

Voyages, in the widest sense, occupy a central place in the work of the artist. Like the artists of the modern era, Claudia Bläsi is reacting to changes in her life and encounters with new people in creating new inventions.

Again and again she is leaving the familiar surroundings, in which she has been for a long time to free herself from laboriously created expression worlds.

Her voyages and departures in new imageries are essential for her work processes.

This development would have been unconceivable without her trips to the Far East, the artist in residence stay in Shanghai and the re-encounter with Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Through these and other travels Claudia Bläsi tries to deal with previously untried materials and techniques, searches a equilibrium between reliable  and unknown, with proximity and distance, reduction and abundance - the work of Claudia Bläsi has developed its own vocabulary.

We are facing a picture in the sudden insight to perceive a seemingly anachronistic composition. Or is it the spectrum of perception that has changed both artist and spectator over the course of time?

Controlled and free, familiar and unknown elements are so deeply connected and intertwined that they form an inseparable and integrity complex - exactly this represents the work of Claudia Bläsi

(Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund (art historian, Hamburg, march 2014)